Saito Separator Machine for starch

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28 Mar 2022
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Specification of Saito Separator Machine for starch

​Saito Separator

Variant :

  1. ADS Series (disc bowl centrifuge). ADS (automatic desludging system) series is perfect for all sorts of industry. All standard ADS separators are made of stainless steel. Sanitary type separators (optional) are also available for your convenience.
  2. Penwalt Series (clarifier super centrifuge), The super speed centrifuge (13,000-20,000G) can separate any precise feeds with its astounding separation efficiency.
  3. SID Series (screw Decanter), The SID series is designed with imperforate-wall. This decanter is perfect for continuous separation to produce clarified liquid & dehydrated solid. It can also maintain stable quality of production. moreover, long lasting. (Accessory equipment for high-speed centrifugal sieve, automatic scratching strainer, defoaming pump, and etc)
  4. SSC Series (automatic scratching strainer), Suitable for strach purification process by washing & concentrating suspend small particles.
  5. SN Series (Solid bowl separator), SN Series is convenient for continuous liqui-liquid separation of solutions which have special gravity difference. For example, oily water of fuels, lubrications oils and etc.
  6. SPA Series Perfect for the palm oil industry. Easy three-phase separation of light phase, heavy phase and sludge of high-concentration solutions.
  7. Y Series (Saito Bio-Concentrator), a nozzle-type centrifuge design for processing high concentration solutions. Sanitary designed and capable of CIP.
  8. DF Series (Defoaming Pump) This compact machine can defoam & pump at the same time all in one. Unlike the conventional ones which needed multiple devices. Efficient for reducing cost & power saving.
  9. SCD Series (Cyclone Dryer), Perfect for dry production. It is composed from the following interlocking devices. Blower Mill, Blower and Cyclone.
  10. SDK Series (Super Dehydrate) The vertical continuous dehydrator, is designed by our longstanding manufacturing technique & skill. simple structure, just need centrifugal force to do the work.
  11. ABS Series (strainer) ABS (auto-brushing strainer) series is useful for pre-treatment of solutions before feeding into separators. can operate constantly with high-efficiency.
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