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Granulator "Clack U-Lator" GRN1531
Granulator "Clack U-Lator" GRN1531
Granulator "Clack U-Lator" GRN1531
Granulator "Clack U-Lator" GRN1531
Granulator "Clack U-Lator" GRN1531
Granulator "Clack U-Lator" GRN1531
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Specification of

Roll Granulator "Crack U-Lator"


Clack u lator was developed in 1966 and has been widely used in coffee industry.

Compared with conventional size reduction machine,

Clack u lator offers extremely high yields with very little heat generation and wear.

Features :
1. Since no shear force acts on the feed material, very few fines are generated.
An extremely sharp particle distribution is obtained.

2. Since no heat generated in the roll surface, heat –sensitive material can be crushed without difficulty.

3. Since there is no abrasion, crushing can be performed continuously without readjusting the clearance of a couple of the roll, And operation cost and maintenance cost would be minimized.

4. Due to no coarse particles lager than the target size, screening process is not necessary.
Rather than crushing or grinding, the Clack U lator cracks the material into a uniform, narrow range of particle size through a series of patented corrugated rolls.

The unique roll surface applies a linear stress in the circumferential direction to the particles being fed into it.

Each peak on the roll acts as fulcrum point to particles bridged across the corrugation of the mating roll.

Succeeding sets of roll arranged with narrower gap clearance and steeper pitch.

As a result, particles smaller than the gap clearance can pass through, while those that are lager, are cracked before pass through.

Unlike conventional grinders or roller mills that rely on facial compression or friction, the Clack U Lator employs only local stress cracking, thus minimizing the problems of overgrinding, abrasion, excess heat-up of roll surface and rapid wear of rolls.

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